Ryeland Lamb - local natural tops - ideal for wrapping wire armature, various weights

The Makerss


Ryeland Local Natural Wool Roving/Tops

We are very fond of our Ryeland lamb wool roving / top as it is (like the Ryeland) lofty and 'sticky' when wrapping wire armature. Unlike many other wool tops this one is voluminous and squishy. It adds body quickly to any project and due to its stickiness it is easy to use without having to Felt into shape continuously. 

This wool is from a lovely farmer local to us, we have even met some of the sheep! Click here to see the sheep: https://www.haileyfarmlamb.co.uk/about-us

Other wools of this type in our local wool range n a similar preparation are:

  • Ryeland (Very crimped, great for wrapping armature, velcro like quality)
  • Ryeland Lamb (Finer fibres, very crimped, great for wrapping armature and making mice!)
  • Texel X Lamb (Longer whiter fibres, slightly flatter than Ryeland)
  • North Country Mule (Longer flatter fibres but still lots of body)