Ryeland - local natural tops - ideal for wrapping wire armature, various weights

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Ryeland local natural tops

We love the Ryeland, its great as a core wool and to wrap around wire armature. Whilst it is a roving it feels more like a wool batt as the fibres are very lofty and springy and easy to needle felt. The colour is a natural off white.

This wool is from a lovely farmer local to us, we have even met some of the sheep!  Click here to see the sheep: https://www.haileyfarmlamb.co.uk/about-us

Wools of this type in our local wool range in a similar preparation are:

  • Ryeland (Very crimped, great for wrapping armature, velcro like quality)
  • Ryeland Lamb (Finer fibres, very crimped, great for wrapping armature and making mice!)
  • Texel X Lamb (Longer whiter fibres, slightly flatter than Ryeland)
  • North Country Mule (Longer flatter fibres but still lots of body)

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