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Taster core wool batts selection,try them all, total 150g


If you get confused about which core wools to use, you now have the opportunity to try them all! 

We have put together a core wool bumper pack with our six favourite natural white Batts which are great for 3d sculpting or just to make up bulk in larger projects. Some of them are great for surfaces too. Here is a list, 25g of each, all packed up separately:

Shetland white: the whitest wool we know of and therefore also great for covering surfaces. We use in birds as the white can be left to show. It is a medium long Fibre with some coarser longer ones in it. This makes it an ideal core wool if you want yours to be rock solid! By the way it is also great for wet felting! We suggest start off with a coarse needle though if you roll it tightly you may start off with a medium one  

Gotland white: not as white as the Shetland but only able to tell the difference when side by side. It has consistent medium long fibres and Felts down quickly and evenly. Our first choice in replacing the Shetland. Due to the dvd. Texture it creates it is also suitable for a surface wool. Will wetfelt well! 

Organic Cold washed lanolin rich: I will be honest, this is my all time favourite! You may find the odd vegetable matter and it is definitely a creamy colour but no other wool Felts down as quickly as this one: it is super ‘sticky’ and has a lovely long Fibre that just begs to be needle felted! If you don’t mind the lanolin (good for your hands unless you are allergic to it!)  it smells of clean sheep which I like (but some don’t). Leave it showing on the surface for an off-white, creamy colour - not suitable for wet felting!

Standard Core / Stuffing: the colour is off white and it has lovely long ‘sticky’ fibres which makes it a fast felting core wool but also one that you can use for wire armature. It is suitable to be left showing in the surface as long as you want an off-white colour.  Not suitable for wet felting!

Basic core wool: this is your cheapest option and it is great as a ‘filler’ core for large projects. Though it is a Batt, it is often cut up and more bitty (we buy it like that). You can make a whole project out of it as you can see with the lying down sheep that is entirely needle felted from this core. You have to pick the bits you want as it is a mix of shorter and longer coarser fibres.

Ryeland Top: this one is a bit of a hybrid. It has been turned into a top but it feels more like a Batt due to its lofty bouncy nature. We love it for wrapping wire armature as it builds bulk quickly and Felts down fast. You can use it just on its own including surface colouring  it is an off white colour. The sheep with the purple/green background has been entirely felted from this.