Wax sample pack for modelling claws, beaks, and helping wrapped armature stick

The Makerss


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Wax Sample Pack

Want to try all the different needle felting waxes on offer? We have teamed up with our friends to offer a trial pack for all 3! The pack includes printed instructions plus a sample each of:

The Makerss Beeswax Balm - softer wax which becomes pliable in the heat of your hand, suitable for beaks, claws, wrapping small armature such as fingers and toes, and for coating bare wire to help wool grip.

Mums Makery Felters Wax - a harder wax product which is melted over a heat source and then cools to a firm finish, for a firmer look on toes, claws, beaks etc.

Flock 2 Felts Fluff Grip - a super sticky product for applying to wire which really sticks the wool to the wire making wrapping armature easy.


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