West Yorkshire Spinners Croft 100% Shetland Island -100g hanks - limited amounts!

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West Yorkshire Spinners The Croft 100% Shetland Tweed Aran Wool

The Croft - Shetland Colours, produced from 100% Shetland Island Wool. Shetland Island Wool, a fibre celebrated for its fineness, warmth and strength,a fantastic fleece.

Crofting is integral to the landscape, cultural heritage and social economy of the Shetland Islands. It bonds people and places in a unique way, preserving livelihoods and age old traditions.

Colours in our range:

  1. Belmont (dark maroon)
  2. Melby (rusty orange)
  3. Norwick (medium blue)
  4. Seafield (greeny blue)
  5. Sullom (creamy white)

Makeup - Size 100gm hanks (166 metres / 182 yards)

Tension - 24rs x 18sts - 10cm (4") sq - 5mm (US8) needles

Machine Wash 30°
Reshape whilst damp
Do not Tumble Dry

Suitable for felting too! Use in your 2d felting pictures or for adding detail to your makes.

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