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White Extra Stiff Pipe Cleaners

White Extra Stiff Pipe Cleaners

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Extra stiff white pipe cleaners30cm long, ideal for wire armatures for needle felting. Available in packs of 25 or 100.

The 'fluff' on these is a short cotton, ideal for wrapping wool around for wire armatures. You will find it easier to create poseable needle felt sculptures with these pipe cleaners as they are much stronger than normal craft pipe cleaners.

**Please note: these pipe cleaners are stiffer than ordinary craft pipe clenaer, but if bent back and forth repeatedly (5-6 times) they may break. If you need to bend the pipe cleaner repeatedly, our 0.5mm cotton covered copper wire may be more suitable. This is is about the same stiffness but much more malleable.**

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How to make a wire armature:

A wire armature looks a bit like a very simple skeleton. Imagine the neck and spine of your creature (and tail if it has one), with simple legs attached. It can help to draw a profile view of the animal at the size you want to make it, then trace the line of the spine and legs onto the drawing. Make your wire armature to fit the lines you have drawn. You can fold a pipe cleaner in half and twist around your spine pipe cleaner to create 2 legs.

See our free tutorial on Wire Armatures on our website.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Nicki Macdonald
Not sure what's happened?

My first order of 100 pipe cleaners at the beginning of the year were absolutely amazing, best ones I'd tried from anywhere and were really strong and pliable with zero breakage.
Of course as soon as I was running low I ordered again.
What a difference, so disappointed. These new ones literally snap even moving them let alone bending and I've had to give up using them and try to find an alternative.
I did contact customer service but was told that they are no different to what they usually supply. Not sure whether their supplier has changed the manufacturer but they are definitely not. I've had pieces underway that have snapped at the shoulder when I'm simply wrapping core around, lots of wastage.
I was recommending these to everyone but sadly can't do that anymore as nearly every one I've tried to use has broken.
Really sad and disappointed.

Hi Nicki, sorry to hear you have had an issue with this product, we are currently investigating this with the supplier. We will refund your pipe cleaners and send you an alternative wire with our compliments.

Tina A
Perfect for armatures

These pipecleaners are a perfect foundation for figures - they are strong enough to take handling as you wrap wool round them to make arms, legs and bodies; and the soft cotton covering holds the wool well so it doesn't unravel, while being a short enough pile length to be concealed quickly if making quite slender shapes. Essential!

Nicola Macdonald

I didn't realise that there was such a difference in pipe cleaners until I bought these. I'm pretty new to felting and I'd bought some bog standard ones from amazon but they were really flimsy and too fluffy so wrapping them for arms was a bit of a mess and the wire was so thin as to be useless.
Got these to try out and I absolutely will be sticking with them, making arms and legs wrapped with flesh tone is now a joy and the the finish is so much neater and tight as it sticks well.
I really can't recommend these enough, they have made such a difference in both how my creations look but also the strength due to really good wire.

Julie Green
Fab pipe cleaners

Strong and very easy to work with for felting projects. Love the fact they are fluffy which means fluff sticks to them easily and they are strong so you can change their position

Deirdre Houghton
Great Pipe Cleaners

Bought these because the ones I had from another supplier were not good enough quality for my current beadwork project. Delighted with your product and will pass your details on to like minded fellow beaders. Many thanks