Workshop Packs - minimum of 8 pack per type

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The Makerss Workshop Packs

Workshop Materials & Instructions Packs

Minimum order 8 packs of one type

Each pack includes:

  • Full colour printed workshop instructions
  • 10x10cm foam mat (or larger if project requires)
  • 3 x Felting needles (gauges relevant to project)
  • Wool weighed out according to project
  • Extra accessories needed for the project (such as glue in eyes)
  • Packed in a handy clear grip-seal bag
  • Each order includes demo materials and instructions for the workshop leader to demonstrate with – enough materials to make 2 of the projects.
  • Your workshop can be listed on the Makerss Friends workshops area of the website if you give us the date, time, location and booking contact details
  • Each workshop pack makes one project

If you do not want us to include the foam mat and felting needles we charge less per pack     

Current packs ready available (please ask us if there is one you would like but is not listed below):

Robin (add £1 if legs required)


Sleeping Bunny

Sleeping Badger

Owl  (please specify Little Owl or Barn Owl)

Robin Brooch

Baby Seal


Christmas Pudding Bauble


Blue Tit (add £1 for legs)

Baby Penguin with scarf

Sleeping Fox


Flower Brooch/Poppy (double layered flower)




Robin Bauble

Penguin Bauble


Mole with glasses and scarf

Peacock Butterfly

Reindeer Bauble



Please email us for a product and price list: