Felt Daisy Flower Tutorial

You will need:

·       2x 2x2cm white felt squares

·       Wisp of Light Yellow NZ Merino wool batts

·       Wisp of Pea Green NZ Merino wool batts

·       6cm #22 green stem wire


·       Medium Felting needle #38

·       Small felting mat

·       Sharp little scissors

·       Wire Cutters


Have your two small 2x2cm square felt pieces ready.


Take your sharp little scissors and trim the corners off on both.

Now cut into the disc 6-7 times but only by about 0.5-0.7cm in order to make petals. Make sure you do not accidentally cut a petal off or go too far into the centre with the cut.

Do this on both felt discs. 

Then overlay the two shapes and take a tiny amount of green wool. Felt into the very centre of the daisy, stabbing the wool gently through both felt discs but also making sure that it stays small. This is the back of the daisy flower. Use your medium felting needle.

Turn the daisy over and now felt a slightly larger wisp onto the front using yellow wool. This time you can spread out a little more and also keep the yellow wool slightly domed for the flower centre. 

Bend the end of the green wire in by about 1cm but do not pinch shut. Lay onto the back of the daisy. 

 Take a tiny wisp of the green again and felt around the wire. Make sure you do not stab too deep into the back so that the green wool will come through the yellow on the other side. If this happens, add a little more yellow to cover the green up again. Pinch the wire shut to trap the wool.

- Optional you can also wrap some wool around the top of the wire where it meets the daisy flower.