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Tel: 01453 839454

Postal address: The Makerss, Unit 17a Nailsworth Mills Estate, Avening Road (near Garden Centre), Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, GL6 0BS

We are a small business based in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, a place known for its traditional link to the textile industry which is manifested by the numerous old mill buildings in the area. We are based on the Nailsworth Mills Estate and we currently employ ten staff.

The Makerss Team are keen on values of ethical sourcing of products and putting people, the environment and animal welfare first. These values guide their business development and have contributed to their success since 2015. The daily business practice is underpinned by The Makerss beliefs:

  • The Makerss Motto is: ‘ Every One A Maker’ – we believe that every one is creative and can craft. We endeavour to make needle felting and other crafts accessible to everybody and are there to support, encourage and help. Please join our Facebook Group Every One A Maker to join our friendly community. 
  • We believe that we can make a positive contribution to the environment and reduce waste sent to landfill by using recyclable / recycled / reusable packaging and products where possible*, renewable energy and in general uphold an environmentally friendly attitude in everything we do day by day (walk to work, recycle at home and work, re-use packaging etc). We bank with the Co-Op Business Bank to ensure we put our money into ethical investments and practices.
  • Whilst we are retailers first, we are crafters at heart and therefore only sell what we love and use ourselves
  • We believe in making a positive contribution to communities and charities and support charities every year (Cats Protection, British Liver Trust, Polyscystic Kidney Disease Charity, Grans on the Make, Dogs Trust, Butterfly Conservation Trust)
  • We work hard to help others with their needle felting and crafting projects 7 days a week. We now host regular free YouTube and Facebook Tutorials  and other Online demonstrations as well as appear regularly on Sewing Street.
  • Our wool comes either from British Farmers or from businesses who responsibly source the wool. None of our wool tops come from mulesed sheep**. These businesses are either GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certified and / or work according to Oeko-Tex standards, (OEKO-TEX® enables consumers and companies to make responsible decisions which protect our planet for future generations). Our main supplier is powered by renewable wind energy.
  • Our horsehair is sustainably harvested from live horses in the Mongolian Steppe region. It therefore provides a sustainable and environmentally friendly income for the native peoples who live there and care for the horses.
  • We design all our own products and hand-pack them at our premises in Gloucestershire, UK. 
  • Our environmentally felting mats are either made from recycled wool and are fully compostable in your home compost (Eco Wool Mat) or are made from new wool but are equally compostable (Earth Friendly Felting Mat). Both are produced exclusively for us in the UK.

* Packaging & Products: Our Kraft kit boxes are made from sturdy, reusable card and our small Glassine bags are acid-free (ph neutral), completely recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. We use polythene zip lock bags to send out our wool and they are resealable which is particularly useful to keep moths off. These can be recycled with plastic bags at the end of their life. We have completely replaced our foam felting mats with more environmentally friendly choices

** Mulesing: Some of you may be concerned about a practice called mulesing which has been used by some Merino wool farmers. We have asked our suppliers about this and here is their response: "Since 2010 [in Australia], mulesing has been banned on a voluntary basis. Our dyed Australian wool is 100 % mulesing free. We have a certificate for this. In other countries the farmers do not use mulesing. Our wool is mulesing-free."