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Tel: 01453 839454

The Makerss are Sophie Buckley and Steffi Stern, authors of Making Needle Felted Animals.  Sophie studied Contemporary Crafts at Falmouth University and has been teaching craft workshops for the past 5 years.  Steffi set up and ran a popular craft shop with a strong community. They have joined forces to create their business The Makerss, selling craft kits and materials, and creating tutorials, sharing skills through talks and workshops, which all sprang from their book Making Needle Felted Animals, published in 2015 with Hawthorn Press. We are a small business, mainly just Sophie and Steffi with occasional help from our supportive friends.

Our Products:

We stock a range of kits which we have designed and created ourselves here in Gloucestershire UK. We regularly test our kits and the ones from our Making Needle Felted Animals book have had the instructions checked by an experienced craft editor. We carefully choose the right wool to give each animal a good appearance as well as wool that is easy to felt and work with.

Wool: As our main material for crafting, we care about the quality of our wool. We source wool from a number of places, including very local Cotswold, Ryeland and Texel wool from within a few miles of where we live (we have even met the sheep!), as well as wool from around the world. Some of you may be concerned about a practice called mulesing which has been used by some Merino wool farmers. We have asked our supplier about this and here is their response: "Since 2010 [in Australia], mulesing has been banned on a voluntary basis. Our dyed Australian wool is 100 % mulesing free. We have a certificate for this. In other countries the farmers don´t use mulesing. Our wool is mulesing free." 

Packaging: We try to use recycleable or reusable packaging where possible. Our kit boxes, and shopping bags are made from paper and card and are strong enough to be re-used for other crafty purposes. We use zip lock bags to send out our fleece in and every crafter knows how useful these can be, particularly to keep moths off your wool stash.