Gingerbread Man (using a cookie cutter)

To make one  you will need:

  • 1-2g Fox Rust Brown NZ Merino Wool Batts
  • Wisps of White Cape Merino, Baby Pink and Light Blue NZ Merino
  • Gingerbread Man cookie cutter (7cm tall)
  • Coarse #36 and medium #38 felting needles
  • Felting mat
  • Greaseproof paper or baking parchment


Lay the greaseproof paper on the felting mat, place the cookie cutter on top, take a small pinch of the main wool and fit inside. Begin felting with your coarse needle into the wool and through the paper, concentrating around the edges of the cutter.


Keep the cookie cutter firmly pressed onto the paper and mat. Add more wool to slowly fill the whole shape. Felt all of the wool down but still make sure that the edges are felted neatly.

When the wool is felted down well take the cutter off. The shape should be well felted down.


Gently tease the paper off the mat first with the gingerbread man still attached to the paper.

Then tease the felted shape off the paper too. It should peel away easily.

Turn the shape around and lay the shape back onto the paper (which is placed on the mat) and fit the cookie cutter on top again. Felt from the other side.


Whilst inside the cutter you can still add more wool. Take the shape out of the cutter once it is a solid shape. Then use wisps of the white wool and decorate the surface from one side only. Use your medium felting needle.



Continue to decorate to your liking. Tease the wool into strands of wool and rub between your fingers to make a string like shape before felting into place. Pre-shape any small dots you add too (eyes and mouth).


Your Gingerbread man is finished. Make more and string them together as a garland.

Why not use other cutters and make different shapes.