Make Clothes from Sheet Felt

How to create a waistcoat from sheet felt

Add character to your creatures and personalise them with clothes!

A scarf can be easily created using a thin strip of felt and tying around the neck.

Create a sweet waistcoat for your creature, tailor made to fit is easier than you might think using the instructions below! 

Why not add beads for buttons, a tiny flower posy, make a little hat, a tutu skirt from lace - the options are endless!

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How to create a waistcoat from sheet felt:

You will need:

  • Creature who needs a waistcoat (don't they all!?)
  • Sheet felt
  • Scissors
  • Pencil (optional)
  Your waistcoat will fit from the neck to the waist of your creature, so cut a piece of felt this wide, and long enough to go around the creature, starting and ending in the middle at the front. You can fold the arms down by the body tightly, if they are in the way.
Cut a vertical slit slightly forward of each arm. You can mark this with a pencil if you wish before you cut.
Now dress the creature. You can widen the arm holes for a better fit if you need to.
Now time for styling the waistcoat! You could choose to fold the top part down to become a collar, or to trim at the top or bottom for further shaping.
You could trim the top corners to shape the front more.
The felt shape by itself for above design.