Sunflower Pendant

Materials for 1 Sunflower Pendant

Wisps of Wool Batts:

-  Golden Yellow New Zealand Merino

- Mustard Yellow New Zealand Merino

- Light Yellow New Zealand Merino

- Dark Brown Portuguese Merino

- White Australian Merino

- Light Blue New Zealand Merino

- Aquamarine Mountain Sheep

- Forest Green New Zealand Merino

- Lichen Green Mountain Sheep

Tools:  Felting Needle #38 medium & felting mat

Extras: Flexi Hoop (7.5cm), 8x8cm felt sheet or Pre-Felt (blue)

Optional extras available at our website:
Earth Friendly Felting Mat, Clover 5-needle tool, Clover 3-needle Pen


Trim the corners around your felt into a round shape 8cm in diameter. Then mix the white, light blue & aquamarine wools randomly and felt patches onto the top half of the circle. Allow some of the stronger blue to come through.

Your sky should come slightly down the sides and make sure you have built layers to strengthen the fabric. Then mix the forest and lichen green randomly to create a green mollted mix

Felt the green mix into the space below the sky allowing the green mix to slightly overlap the blue mix (sky).

Take the three yellow shades: light, golden and mustard. Mix them randomly into a mottled variation.

Take a tiny wisp of the yellow mix and twist so that the two ends are pointy, felt down. Make more and felt down next to each other always meeting in the centre.

Complete a whole circle (about ten petals). Then add another layer so that the petals fall between two underneath. Complete this circle too.

Next take a wisp of the brown wool and twist into a strand between your fingers. Felt this down into the centre of the flower so it is a thick ring. Then felt down a second ring inside the first.

Mix a tiny amount of yellow into the brown wool and fill the remaining space in the centre. Stab around the outside of the brown to lift it up a little. To frame - glue the felt disc onto the white inner frame to stop it from moving when attaching the outer one.


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