Tiny Watermelon Fun!

  • Wool: 1g Flamingo MS, 1g of Natural White NZ Merino, a wisp of Poppy Red NZ Merino, a wisp of Brown Portuguese Merino, a pinch of Pea Green NZ Merino, a wisp of Forest Green NZ Merino.
  • Medium #38 felting needle
  • Fine #40 felting needle
  • Felting mat
  • Sharp knife
  • Sharp scissors.


Mix most of the flamingo MS, just over half of the red wool and a wisp of the white wool into a mottled mix.

Then roll into a small ball and felt down firmly with a medium needle, stabbing deep into the shape. Add more wool mix if need be by making more. The ball should measure about 2cm in diameter and be very firm.


Take most of the white wool and pre-felt flat into a long narrow sheet that will fit around the melon shape. Then felt onto the shape but make sure you only stab the needle into the surface rather than deep into the shape.


Take the pea green wool and repeat the process you did with the white wool (first a sheet then felt on superficially).



Take a tiny wisp of the white wool and mix with a tiny bit of either green wools and felt to the top of the melon.

Starting at the top, add the darker green lines going down to the other side. Avoid making indentations!


Rub the ball between your hands to smooth out the fibres then cut with a sharp (serrated) knife roughly into half. Mind your fingers.

 Add pips by using tiny balls of the brown wool and also stab into the edges to neaten them up if knife has loosened up fibres. Use sharp scissors and cut smaller sized slices.

Enjoy your water melon either as decoration, food for your needle felted mice or other creations or why not make earrings out of them?