Needle Felted Daisy Chain & Daisy Flowers

To make a Daisy Chain (with 8 daisies), you will need:

- 5g of Bleached White Australian Merino batts
- 7g of Golden Yellow New Zealand Merino batts
- 1g of Hot Pink New Zealand Merino batts
- 4g of Lichen Green dyed Mountain Sheep batts
- 20x20cm piece of Water Soluble Paper
- 50-60cm length of Satin Leaf Ribbon
- Felting needles (#38 medium and #40)
- Felting mat

Cut your water soluble paper into 16 equal squares (each 5x5cm). Take two squares and round the edges into a circular shape. You need two of these shapes per daisy.

Take a wisp of the Bleached White wool and felt flat onto the water soluble paper disc. Lift off regularly to prevent it fastening to your mat. Felt only from one side.

Optional: use a 7 needle tool on a brush mat to speed your work up.

In any case the wool can spill out over the edge of the paper. Make sure that the disc is filled evenly with no gaps.

Take a tiny amount of pink and a little more of the white and mix the two fibres into a softer pink.

Felt a tiny amount (like a dusting) only into the centre of the white disc.

Next take a little golden yellow and roll into a ball between your fingers. Add to the centre and felt down around the edges first so the ball shape remains. Felt down in the centre next.

Make another disc with the other water soluble paper exactly the same but do not add the yellow this time.

Have a bowl of warm water at the ready and dip both shapes into it only quickly. The aim is to dissolve the water soluble paper but not to rinse all of the residue out altogether as this will help to solidify the shape once dry.


Squeeze excess water out which often helps to dissolve the paper too and leave to dry. For speed place onto a radiator or similar source of gentle heat.


Once dry the shapes should feel stiff. Use your scissors and cut around the shape neatening the edges.

Then use the scissors and cut into it from the outer edge towards the centre stopping at the yellow middle. You can make the cuts closer together for more petals or further apart for less many. On the daisies here about 20 cuts were made.

Cut both discs, making sure that the cuts on the disc without the yellow centre are no longer than 1cm.

Place the two daisy shapes on to of each other so the one with the yellow middle is on top and stab your needle into the yellow to felt the two together. Add more yellow wool to build a yellow domed centre.

Make sure to also stab deeply around the yellow which will the petals come up and give the daisy a nice shape.

Make 7 or 8 more daisies.

Next take your green leaf ribbon and establish the right and wrong side of it.

Turn the daisy over, lay it onto the ribbon between two leaves (the right side of the ribbon is face down) and felt green wisps of wool over the top of the ribbon and into the back of the daisy. Stab your fine or medium needle gently as you will need to felt into the satin ribbon. Make sure that the green wool does not come out at the other side.



You might also like to make Daisy Flowers using felt sheets. These are very effective and you can even add Green Wire Stems to display them around your home.

You will need:

Click HERE for a full set of downloadable instructions for these daisy flowers - the PDF includes a to-scale template, which you can print out and trace to make these flowers.  You can also watch the video below to see how these, and the Daisy Chain, are made.

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