Needle Felted Large Acorn


Per acorn, you will need:

- 6-7g of your chosen main colour batts
- 2-3g of a contrasting colour batts
- wisps of black & white batts
- #36 coarse felting needle & mat

Our Spice Wool Mix is perfect for this project (you can make a minimum of 7 acorns from it).

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Roll your main colour wool into a short sausage of about 7cm long and 5cm wide. Stab the wispy ends into the main shape to secure.

Then felt all over to tuck in loose fibres and firm the shape up. Keep both ends round. If you have 3-needle multi tool you can use this to speed this process up.

The finished shape should be about 6cm long and 4cm wide. However, acorns also come in rounder or longer shapes.

Keeping a pinch aside for the stalk later, take your contrasting colour wool and flatten it out on your mat. Then stab in the centre keeping the edges wispy. Lift the shape off the mat and felt from the other side too. You should have a firm round area of 7x7cm.

Place this onto the acorn and felt down on the top only.

Then stab the sides down tucking the wispy ends into the cap as you go along. The cap will look large and quite bumpy due to it being a little too large.

Acorn caps are in fact quite textured and have that bumpy look so do not felt it too flat and smooth.

Take your reserved pinch of contrasting wool and felt into a short thin sausage. Only felt one end firm and leave the other wispy. The felted end should measure about 2cm in length.

Open the unfelted fibres up to form a base.

Place this on top of the cap then felt the wispy base fibres into the cap. Then felt closely to the stalk to secure it further.

For a finishing touch neaten the area where the cap meets the acorn up by stabbing your needle into the gap. Make sure the cap sits on top of the acorn rather than becomes part of it.

Face (optional): Take a wisp of white wool and felt down into a round disc. This will become one eye. Repeat for the other eye.

Add two smaller black discs into the white shape. You can position these to give the acorn their personal expressions by having them look up, down, sideways or even be cross eyed!

Add a black disc in the same way you did the white discs. This will be the mouth which could give the impression of a singing acorn.

Now make a whole choir and add autumn leaves too. You will find a free tutorial on our YouTube channel.

You might prefer your acorns without faces. They look lovely as a garland or could even decorate a Christmas Tree!

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