Crafternoon Pack - to share with up to six friends

The Makerss

SKU: TL-CrafternoonPack

Our Crafternoon Pack contains:

  • 27x Felting Needles in 9x Fine, 9x Medium and 9x Coarse
  • 6x basic wool felting mat sets (2 to each set) 10cm x 10cm
  • 6x Illustrated Pom Pom Garland Needle Felt Instructions
  • 6x Basics of Needle Felting Guide

The Crafternoon pack is designed to be shared with up to 6 people. Each person will have needles to be able to use consisting of 1 fine, 1 medium and 1 coarse plus a few spares, a basic wool felting mat set each, illustrated Pom Pom Garland instructions and a Basic Needle Felting Guide each.

Why not team this with one or two mixed wool packs and some other supplies such as birds legs and glue in eyes and you will have everything you need to begin needle felting with your friends. We even have some free tutorials you can use - see our tutorials pages.

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