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September 2021:

  • Fibre of the Month - Flesh Pink Australian Merino batts
  • Product of the Month - Flexible Steel Wire
  • Featured Products
    - selected Christmas Kits & Packs
    - Christmas Wool Mix
    - Slap-It-On Fabric Sparkles
    - White Sparkly Stuff!
    - Rainbow Sparkly Stuff!
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View all 27 micron 2d felting 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm accessories advent alpaca Alpaca blend amber angel hair animal animal hair animal long hair animals assorted Australian merino autumn barn basic basic core wool basics batt batts bauble baubles beard begginer beginner beginner box beginner kit beginner pack beginner project beige curls bendy wire big beard bird bird feet black blue boots boucle bright rainbow british british landscape British Wildlife brown bulk bullfinch red bunnies butterfly camel hair card cat and dog charcoal grey christmas Christmas Decorations Christmas pudding Christmas tree chunky clear eyes coat cockapoo core country living craft crafts crafty beginner cream curled up curls curly curly hair decoration decorations dog dog armature dog hair doggie doll doll bodies doll fabric doll hair doll making dolls doormouse dormice dormouse dormouse ochre dormouse tail dragonflies dragonfly dyed dyed curls dyed tops dyed tops / roving easy easy beginner elf elves eyes face faces fairy hair farm farming felt felting festive festive season filling fine hair fine merino fleece flesh pink flexible wire flowers fox red frost frosty fun fur gift ginger glass glitter glittery glue glue-in gnome gnome hair green green eyes green flecks green rainbow drops greens grey grey curls hair hairstyle harvest festival harvest mice harvest mouse hats helper holly horse horse armature horse hair horse tail hair horse wire horsehair horses horses mane horsetail house image imp in intermediate irridescent kit kits knitting yarn lace weight lamb lambs landscape picture large loopy locks light light blue light brown curls light yellow lightweight wire locks long curls long-haired longhaired cow loops loopy loopy locks luxury luxury fibres luxury yarn make-along man mermaid hair mermaids mice mischief missis missus mister Mix mixed mixed bag mixed colour curls mixes modelling wire mouse mouse brown mr mrs multitone tops muted orange natural natural colour natural colours natural dye Natural white nature needle needle felt Needle Felt Kit Needle Felt Pack needle felting needlefelt noel norway orange pack party paste penguin peru picture pink pony pony hair pony tail ponytail poodle poodle yarn popular pose-able poseable pudding puppenhaare puppet rabbit rainbow rainbow colour rainbow colours rainbow drops rainbow mix rainbow tops red reds reindeer ringlets robin robin bauble robins roving santa santa jacket santa suit scandinavia sculpting seal seasonal seasonalwinter shaping sheep sheep curls sheep fleece shimmer shiny short curls skeleton skin colour slate grey sleeping sleeping mouse snow snowman sparkle sparkles sparkly sparkly stuff sparklysparkle special effects starter starter box starter kit starter pack steel steel wire strong wire stuffing sweden synthetic synthetic tops teddies teddy The Makerss toadstool tomte tomten top topcoat tops tree tree decoration uk valais various water wavey wavy wavy hair whiskers white white curls wildlife winter winter landscape winter wool winter wreath wire wire armature witch hair woodland wool wool mix wool tops wool with animal hair woolly coat wreath xmas yarn yarns yellow