What is a Flock Party?

Flock Party is our new scheme to create social crafting groups across the UK. You can host your very own, or find a local group of likeminded Flockers to needle felt with!

Did you know that according to the Campaign to End Loneliness there are "hundreds of thousands of chronically lonely older people living lives in severe social isolation often linked to bereavement, disability and frailty."

We believe that our crafting communities can help combat this through regular 'in-person' events and groups, bringing people together to share knowledge, life and experiences.

Our Flock Party scheme is the perfect opportunity to connect and build friendships with those who would not have the opportunity to do so in any other situation.

Become a host

Want to be one of our Flock Shepherds?

Hosting your own Flock Party Group is a meaningful experience. Bringing together likeminded crafters from your local area to felt together.

At Flock Party, our 'Shepherds' are the heart of our local crafting communities, taking the lead in organising and hosting our creative gatherings. With perks including discounts on The Makerss products, complimentary kits for their Flock Parties, and the opportunity to foster connections within their community, volunteering as a Shepherd is both rewarding and enriching.

Shepherd FAQs

How do I apply to be a Shepherd?

Applying to be a Shepherd is easy! Simply email us at flockparty@themakerss.co.uk and we will send over a quick questionnaire to complete. This includes information about your location and predicted number of members. It is important that we keep an eye on where our Flock Parties are being held!

I'm a Shepherd, now what?

  1. Coordinate with your community members to select a consistent meeting date. For assistance in promoting your Flock Party, detailed guidance will be included in your welcome pack.
  2. Once you've confirmed your date, just drop us a message at flockparty@themakerss.co.uk indicating your preferred workshop kits, chosen date, and quantity.
  3. We'll promptly send you a payment link for the selected kits. To streamline the process, we recommend collecting payments from your community members beforehand to ensure you're never left out of pocket.
  4. Sit back and relax as we handle the rest - from picking and packing to delivering the kits right to your chosen location!

Where should I host the party?

You can host your party wherever you like! From Community Centres to Village Church Halls or even your very own dining room table!

Do I charge for membership?

As well as the price of their kits, you could charge a small donation amount for your Flock Party members to fund your venue hire and sundries.

How often should I host?

You can host as much as you would like, however we do suggest that a Flock Party takes place at least once per month!

What crafts should I do?

Each month we will release our favourite Needle Felt projects for you to choose from, however this isn't set in stone! We are more than happy for you to create your own projects, just let us know what materials you need!

How much are Flock Party Kits?

Unlike our regular Kits, Flock Party kits/projects come with a huge discount! This is detailed in your Shepherd welcome pack. Please note: You must order 5 or more to receive the Flock Party discount.

Can I make money from this?

No. This community scheme is purely for communities to come together and find like-minded individuals to share in a passion and hobby! All costs associated with running your Flock Party should be covered equally by the group, and any 'left-over' cash should be reinvested into the group!

Can we have multiple Shepherds in one area?

Ideally no! We would love our communities to come together to create local groups. We will keep an eye on the locations of our groups to ensure there are no duplications.

Find a group

While we set up our Flock Party groups, please email flockparty@themakerss.co.uk where our team will match you to your local group!

In the future we will have all of our Flock Party Groups listed here, with our Shepherd contacts for you to join directly!

Flock Party FAQs

How much is membership?

Flock Parties do not exist for profit. Therefore each group may charge differently depending on location, sundries and projects. However we will always keep an eye on pricing to ensure that they are fair and consistent.

For example:

  • Project/Kit - £8
  • Venue Donation - £5
  • Tea's & Coffee's - £2