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When you purchase this product you will be charged each month on the same day, unless you skip a payment or choose to unsubscribe via your account (see bottom of page). 

February:  Any new / subscription payments received as of the 1st of February and throughout February 2018 will receive ‘landscape pictures - makes 2x and pompom garlands / Easter Eggs

March: you can sign up for this as your first box on March 1st. The theme is needle felted baby owls and bunnies...

***Please leave quantity at '1' unless you would like more than one of the same box per month***

We are offering a 3 month gift subscription as a separate product.

We are very excited to now offer you a monthly project box - a crafty surprise delivered to your doorstep each month, packed full of juicy fibre colours and textures, interesting materials and accessories, new tools to try, instructions and ideas for projects, to keep you happy and crafting all month long, for only £20 per month including delivery. Projects are based around needle felting but could also include other crafts. 

A different theme every month to tempt your creativity! Treat yourself, share with friends, a creative parent and child activity pack (Age 7+ with supervision), great gift subscription.

Please read Sarah Brown's Review on The Makerss Box the end of this listing....

(Sarah is the owner of Facebook group Needle Felting UK)


What will I receive?

You will always receive a variety of fibres, materials, accessories, (and sometimes tools). The instructions will be in the box, or just freestyle with your own designs. 

How much does it cost?

£17 per month plus delivery charge = £20 per month total (for UK - other countries see below)

Who is it suitable for?

Suitable for beginners and upwards, and children over 10 (or supervised crafty children age 7+). You could share the box between you at a craft group (You may need extra felting needles / foam mats). The box can be delivered to any address and so is suitable for a gift.

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship to UK, Europe, USA & Canada. The box costs the same and the shipping costs are automatically added at payment stage.

UK - delivery £3.00.    Europe - delivery £10.50.    USA & Canada - delivery £12.50

When will I receive my box?

You will receive your box after our normal order processing time 1-2 working days plus 2-5 days for delivery, so 3-6 days after payment. You will be charged for, and receive your box around the same date each month.

Skip a payment

To manage your subscription please log in on our website, or create a new account with the email address you used to subscribe.  You can skip an upcoming payment by logging into your account > click 'my account' > click manage subscription > click manage > click upcoming payments > click skip payment on the date that you would like to skip > click ok. That payment will be skipped and the others will continue as normal.

Cancel a subscription

To manage your subscription please log in on our website, or create a new account with the email address you used to subscribe.  You can cancel a subscription by logging into your account > click 'my account' > click manage subscription > click manage > click 'cancel order'. The subscription will be cancelled. If you would like to re-subscribe you can at any time.

**The Makerss project box review** by Sarah Brown Needlefelting UK

Naughty Gnomes and Christmas Bunting November 2017

Absolutely adore The Makerss project boxes. This time I got to make some Naughty Gnomes!! When the project box arrived it feels like a real treat!! It looks beautifully packed full of goodies, it almost seems a shame to open it. Inside this goodie box you get two projects this month. Naughty Gnomes and Christmas bunting.

Contents includes; Core wool, New Zealand  Merino batts in various colours, Marsham Curls,  pipe cleaners, instructions, more Merino batts and natural black Stonelamb, Water-soluble paper and hessian. The box also included a Makerss news letter, basic needle Felting instructions (great for a beginners) and instructions for both the Gnomes and bunting.

I started with the Gnomes (as they are my favourites) and I was amazed at how quickly they came together.My first gnome took me a little longer than an hour. There's loads of great techniques in this tutorial! Basic shaping for body and nose, wrapping and bending a basic armature for hands and feet and felting flat to make a 3D shape with the hat. I loved making my first gnome, so I quickly moved on to making a smaller version, that I sat in a wreath.

The fibre is fabulous wool batting, as always, and is so fast Felting! It's easy to pull into smaller strips when needed for the armature wrapping! The locks were long and look fantastic hanging longer than my gnome! There are so many possibilities with these gnomes!! I have so many ideas! Can't wait to make more, more, more!!

I haven't had a chance to make the bunting but I cannot wait to have a go. Flat Felting isn't something I usually do so I'm looking forward to trying it for a change. The instructions look detailed and there are stencil sheets included for the Christmas designs.

I highly recommend The Makerss project boxes! Not only does it feel like a real treat, you know they are going to be full of fun projects. This is the second box I have done and both times I have learned something new! They are great for beginners, with the basic instructions but also good for experienced felters as these projects help to spark more and more ideas. 

Sarah Brown, Needle Felting UK (Facebook)

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