Felting Needles - in tube, various types

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Felting Needles - all packed in a safe screw top shatter proof tube:

Standard: Good quality felting needles available in triangle shaped cross section. Marked with a colour on the end.

Twisted / Spiral: German quality felting needles. The needles are triangular in cross section but twisted, a little like a drill bit in looks. We love twisted needles as we have found they work faster and leave less visible holes. Marked with a colour on the end.

Reverse Needles: German quality felting needles. The needles have barbs on them which face the opposite direction to normal needles, and therefore pull the fibres outwards rather than stabbing them inwards. This creates a lovely fluffy effect which is great for needle felt animals.

How to differentiate our needles if they are no longer in their original packaging: we mark most of our needles with a little colour at the top  the colour chart is unique to us! Some of our needles are unmarked  below is a guide on how to tell our needles apart:

Twisted needles:

#40 red

#38 purple

#36 black

Standard needles:

#40 green

#38 orange

#36 white

Reverse needles:

#32 teal

#40 coral

Our basic needles (usually in our kits) are not marked but can be differentiated by their variation in length (which makes them much easier to distinguish if you are a beginner!):

fine #40 shortest (standard length as all our other needles), #38 slightly longer and #36 longest!

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