Felting Needles - in tube, various types

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Felting Needles - all packed in a safe screw top shatter proof tube:

We stock a mix of needles including Groz Beckert high quality felting needles (see below):

Standard: Good quality felting needles available in triangle shaped cross section. Marked with a colour on the end.

Twisted / Spiral: Groz Beckert. The needles are triangular in cross section but twisted, a little like a drill bit in looks. We love twisted needles as we have found they work faster and leave less visible holes. Marked with a colour on the end.

Reverse: Groz Beckert. The needles have notches / barbs on them which face the opposite direction to normal needles, and therefore pull the fibres outwards rather than stabbing them inwards. This creates a lovely fluffy effect which is great for needle felt animals.

Cross-Star: Groz Beckert. The Cross-Star needles have 4 sides which means they catch fibres from 4 different places rather than 3 as the triangle needles do, making them a much harder worker.

Twisted / Spiral Star: The best of both worlds of the twisted needles and the star needle combined. We love these needles! They were a favourite gift in our 2018 advent calendar.

How to differentiate our needles if they are no longer in their original packaging: we mark most of our needles with a little colour at the top, the colour chart is unique to us! Some of our needles are unmarked  below is a guide on how to tell our needles apart:

Twisted needles:

#40 red

#38 purple

#36 black

Standard needles:

#40 green

#38 orange

#36 white

Reverse needles:

#32 teal

#40 coral

Twisted Star:

#38 blue

Cross Star needles:

#38 yellow

Our basic needles (usually in our kits) are not marked but can be differentiated by their variation in length (which makes them much easier to distinguish if you are a beginner!):

fine #40 shortest (standard length as all our other needles), #38 slightly longer and #36 longest!

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