April Fools!

While Steffi searched for new and interesting tools to help us in our never ending development of products, she came across these questionable stretchy silicone wraps!

They were too funny not to share with you!

Be in for a chance to get your hands on this years April Fools by emailing us at info@themakerss.co.uk

Let us know your funniest make since you started Needle Felting and we will list them below!

Donkey shaped Hare!

"When I first started needle felting I was using one of the Hare Kits. I heard that many people find their animals come together at the very end when you start adding features. I was concerned that mine was looking like a donkey, but persisted. I added the ears, bushy tail and started to embellish with different colours. Nothing worked. I now have my donkey in pride of place on my mantle!"

2 Bums!

"At Christmas I was making the Cheeky Tomte with my MIL. We were having a tipple whilst crafting. We were sooooo proud of our makes at the end when my mother-in-law let out a deafening squeal... she'd only accidentally felted 2 bums."