Needle Felted Balloon

These easy little balloons make a great accessory for our poseable mice as well as many other felted characters!

Per Balloon, you will need:

- 1g of coloured wool batts
- 15cm of thin florist wire
- Felting needle (#36 coarse)
- Felting mat


Take your coloured wool and start wrapping wispy ends around the top end of the wire. You may have to hold it in place with your fingers.

Then bend the top of the wire down on itself trapping the wool tightly.

Now you can wrap more balloon wool loosely around itself...

...until it is a little larger than the finished size. Make sure you have a little blue left if you need to adjust imperfections.

Use your felting needle and gently felt the wispy fibres into the blue shape starting at the bottom end where the wire comes out.

Shape the balloon all over making it nice and round. If there are any imperfections, use a wisp of blue wool and felt down to cover.

Fasten wire to mouse: slide the end of the wire through the doubled up pipe cleaner hand of the mouse so that about 2-3cm sticks out.

Bend this end up...

….twist around the whole hand nice and tight...

...and secure by twisting the wire tightly around the top part too.

Pose your mice and enjoy!