To make one you will need:

  • 10g Luxury Organic Core Wool
  • wisp of Multi-Tone Yellow Merino Tops
  • 1x wooden or bamboo skewer or knitting needle or wire (about 3-4mm)
  • 4cm of thin black wire (0.5mm)
  • Coarse #36 and medium #38 felting needle (optional a 3 Needle tool to speed things up)
  • Felting mat
  • Clear drying glue (such as our Stick-It glue pen)


Take your skewer/knitting needle or wire (template) and begin wrapping thin strands of the core wool around it. Wrap it flat and tight like a ribbon.  


Build thin firm layers of wool onto the skewer about 7cm along the template.

Once there is enough wool on the template use your coarse felting needle and felt the wool down either straight in to the edge of the shape therefore missing the template….


---or along the shape. Vary both techniques. You need a solid shape.

Keep building layers, felt down and add more layers. Make sure that one end is felted down flat. This will be the base of the candle.   

Once the shape is solid and measures about 3cm, pull the template out.  


Work the shape a little more, especially making sure one end is really flat.  Change to medium needle if need be.



Then take a tiny wisp of the yellow wool top and fold in half. Insert the wire into the middle and pinch the two ends shut.


Twist the top of the flame closed with your fingers.  

Make a hole into the top of the candle (you can use the felting needle) and insert the ends of the twisted wire. Allow some wire to show for a charcoal wick. Add a dab of glue to secure.
Take a tiny wisp of wool and make wax ‘runny noses’ by stabbing it on your felting mat into an uneven sausage shape. Make a couple.
Felt onto the side of the candle so it looks like running wax. 
Your candle is finished! You can even use your candle holders you already have to put your candles in. Just adapt the size to fit the holders!