Doll Making Projects

Did you know we stock a wide range of doll making supplies?

You'll find everything you need to make your very own hand-sewn soft dolls - fabrics, stuffing, threads, gauze and tools, plus doll making starter packs and, of course, Making Soft Dolls by Steffi Stern!

Doll Making

Below you will find a series of video tutorials for several of our Doll Making projects.  All the materials featured are available in our online shop and Steffi shows you step-by-step how to make each project.  All the dolls are featured in Making Soft Dolls, which is an absolute must for any soft doll maker... and of course there are many, many more dolls in the book too!


Hand Sewn Dolls' House Doll


Dolls' House Baby Doll Sew-Along (2-part):


Soft Doll Sew-Along (3-part):

Make Hannes, Hannah or Sunny