How to make a DONUT!

  • 8g Milk Chocolate NZ Merino Batts
  • 1g Flesh Pink NZ Merino Batts
  • 1g Yellow South American Tops
  • Wisp of Dark Chocolate NZ Merino Batts
  • Wisp of White Cape Merino Batts
  • 15cm extra strong pipe cleaner
  • Tools: Medium #38 and Fine #40 felting needles & felting mat.

Take the 15cm length of pipe cleaner and begin wrapping the milk chocolate coloured wool around it, leaving about 1.5-2cm of pipe cleaner exposed at the end. Keep the wool flat and tight when wrapping.

Continue wrapping all the way down towards the other end, also leaving about 1.5-2cm exposed. Add more layers so that the overall thickness is about 2.5cm.


Close the covered pipe cleaner up by bending into the donut shape and twisting the uncovered ends around each other.


Take more of the milk chocolate wool and cover up the join, begin felting this down using your medium felting needle. Add more wool where needed to make an even shape and felt down to neaten it up. Create a flat base.


For the topping, take the yellow tops and flesh pink batts and mix together thoroughly by laying the fibres on top of each other, then teasing them apart. Repeat this process until the finished colour is a peach shade.


Begin colouring the top of the donut in, making sure that the edges of the new colour are neat and as you’d imagine icing sugar to be. For this, first use your medium felting needle and then change to your fine needle to get a smoother finish.


Work your way around the whole of the top of the donut. To neaten up the edges, stab into the areas where the two colours meet. Tip: Rub the donut shape between your hands to smooth over any stab holes.


Take wisps of the white wool and felt a thin strand across the donut to give the impression of light reflection on the icing. Take the dark chocolate coloured wool and randomly felt on small chocolate chips.


Now you can start making different ‘flavoured’ donuts with various decorations!