Needle Felted Flower

To make Flowers, you will need:

- Coloured wool batts of your choice
- Water Soluble Paper
- Pencil
- Felting needle (#38 medium)
- Felting Mat
- Optional for speedy felting: 7-Needle Multi Tool & Brush Mat

    These flowers are easily turned into brooches by using our No Sew Brooch Backs!


    Trace the outline of the flower onto your water soluble paper, or draw your own flower shape.
    Lay the water soluble paper onto your foam mat. Take a pinch of coloured wool and lay it so it overlaps the outline you have drawn.
    Take your felting needle, and hold it near the bent end. Push the needle into the wool, paper and into the foam, and then pull it all the way out again, keeping it straight. If the needle gets bent it can break. Stab into the wool along the outline, the fibres catch on the notches on the needle and get pushed downwards, tacking them in place.
    Fold back any fibres which are outside the outline, and use your needle to fix them down, felting all over the petal shape. The fibres begin to get tangled together and also get fixed into the water soluble paper. They can also get fixed into the foam, so to prevent this gently peel the paper away occasionally.
    Add a bit more wool if there are any bare patches and give the petal a good felt all over with your needle. At the start the surface will look quite fluffy, but as you felt it will become smoother, this means it is felted firmly enough.
    Fill in all the other petals in the same way, Fill in the middle too, (you could add a different colour), overlap the petals and felt until the surface is no longer fluffy. It does take a while but if it feels like it isn't felting try pushing your needle in a little deeper. Keep peeling it away from the foam to prevent it sticking.

    When finished, cut around your flower, dip it in a bowl of water for 1 second, and the paper will completely dissolve. Press on a towel to squeeze the water out. Shape the flower if you like (you can cup the shape a little). Leave to dry. You could add a brooch back, stick it onto a card, create garlands or even sew it to a hat!


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