Needle Felted Toadstools

(Makes 1 toadstool approximately 5cm tall.)


  • 4g white core wool (Shetland, Gotland, Luxury Organic...)
  • 2g red wool batts (or any colour you choose!)
  • Wisp of Cape Merino white
  • Corse and medium felting needles
  • Felting mat
To make one large toadstool: Take a pinch of the core wool and put aside. Roll the rest into a sausage shape by folding it in on itself.
Take your coarse needle and felt the wispy ends down so it holds its own shape and firm up a little by stabbing the needle all around.
Decide what will be the base and make and indentation by concentrating your needle stabs in one circular area.
Next take the red wool and flatten into a round shape. Felt it down in the centre (see white circle and spots), leaving the sides unfelted. Make sure you keep lifting the wool up to stop it attaching to the mat.
Once you have a felted circular area, fold the wispy ends inward and felt down towards the centre.
Change to your shorter medium needle and pinch the rounded sides together with your finger and stab into it with the needle to bring the sides up a little more. Mind your fingers!
Keep stabbing a little more to establish a bowl shape by concentrating your needle in the centre of the cap.
You should now have a shape with a rounded top and a hollow which...
...will fit onto the toadstool stump you created earlier.
Fasten the two together by adding a little more core wool (you put this aside) and felting it into the top of the stump as well as the underneath of the red cap. Make sure you do not sink the needle too far into the red as the white will come out on the top. You can also felt the top on by stabbing into the red from the top into the white stump.
Work a little more on the overall shape and make sure the base is still flat for the toadstool to stand firmly. You will find that up until the very end you are always adjusting the shape especially when adding details such as the spots/flecks.
Next add spots by felting the white merino wool into random places by felting small amounts onto the top. Use different coloured wool to make more toadstools or even mushrooms!

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