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The Makerss are really missing being able to connect with you all in person this year, so we are incredibly excited to be able to host this very special "Virtual Retreat" LIVE via Zoom!  Connect with us to craft an exciting large needle felt project and enjoy two days fun, fluff, food and friends from the comfort of your home!

Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th March 2021 

The weekend retreat will include:

- Live online tuition to needle felt a large Valais Lamb project
- Special tips, tricks & fun facts about needle felting
- A fun needle felting project on Saturday evening

You will also receive a Luxury Felting Parcel including:

- All materials for the project
- A Luxury Felting Tool Kit with an Earth Mat and large selection of felting needles & multi tools
- Special edible treats & an alcoholic beverage
- Pamper & Wellness products

You can attend by yourself via one Zoom screen, or share a Zoom screen with up to two other people:

£220 per personas a solo Zoom screen participant


£180 per personsharing one Zoom screen (max. of 3)

To ensure a cosy, personal atmosphere throughout the event, the total number of participants will be limited. For more information or to book your place, please email us at

Interested but not sure?  Here's Steffi with a little video:

Also, here are some testimonials from participants who attended our first ever Weekend Hug in January 2021:


January 2021 Weekend Huggers!


What a Feltabulous weekend of Fun, Fluff, Food, Friends and more important Forgetting stresses in life, very important at the moment. Steffi and Emma you made a Fantastic team together, everything was at just the right pace, time to felt and relax and chat. It couldn't have gone better. Loved meeting new felt fanatics and re-acquainting with others from the past.
Donna S

 The Weekend Hug was like a tonic. From the moment the package arrived, full of surprises, it was fun from start to finish. There was no pressure for anyone to do any more than they felt completely comfortable with, the project was perfectly suited for felters of all experience levels and both Steffi and Emma went over and above to make it really enjoyable and inclusive for us all. I truly felt like I had been on holiday for the weekend. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Anita G

What an amazing weekend meeting all my fellow felters so much fun and laughter and we all need that at the moment. It also made me realise and appreciate the simple things and the nature around me. Steffi and Emma did a brilliant job in hosting this event and I look forward to doing another virtual retreat soon.
- Jennifer W

If you are wondering how a virtual retreat can possibly work, just take a look at the wonderful pictures. Since booking my place a few months ago to receiving my box of goodies and the informative emails, I have been so excited in anticipation of the Weekend Hug. We were chatting from the very beginning and the small intimate group made it feel friendly and inclusive. The excellent tuition and knowledge from Steffi and Emma made us all feel more than competent at completing our project at our own pace. Saturday night was a real treat, it felt like going out to a fun party with your best mates. Laughing so much at one point, my cheeks hurt. We all need a little escapism, stress relief and a safe place to say how we feel. This huggy retreat has been a great tonic for the soul. I will definitely join in on another one in the future. Well done Steffi, Emma and all at the Makerss and welcome to all my fellow feltie friends both new and old, you are all now feltie family for keeps.
- Carol W

I wasn't sure what to expect, but from my box of goodies arriving (better than Christmas morning!), to the weekend itself, the whole experience has been fun and a great escape from our current situation. We had lots of stabbing, chatting, laughing, surprises and great instruction for whatever level of felter you are 🙂
- Jannene B

It was such an enjoyable weekend. Lots of fun, laughter, smiles and support from all. No pressure to keep up - everyone worked at their own pace. The evening events were relaxing and fun with the help of the wine! Something we all need at this time.
- Kim T

I booked onto this a few months ago so was really looking forward to the Weekend Hug. I was confident it could work on zoom and you didn’t disappoint. Steffi and Emma were an excellent double act and no one experienced any problems. The levels of felter ability were different but the team managed to guide each one of us at our own pace. With lots of little added surprises, lots of laughs, chats and stabbing, I think it’s fair to say we all had sore cheeks by the end from grinning too much. Half way through my sheep took on a slightly different appearance to the instructions so I went with it! Described in one word: FUN!
- Natasha O


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