3D Needle Felted Heart Instructions

With this project we are again supporting ‘Grans on the Make’ with their 2020 fundraising for Dementia UK

Materials: 10g of Wool Batts per heart

Extras: 1g white wool batts such as Australian Merino or Cape Merino for decoration

Tools: Medium #38 felting needles and Felting Mat
Optional extras: 3-Needle Multi Tool
Skill Level:  Total beginner
Size in cm:  3 x 5 x 6cm
Techniques used:  Shaping with wool (optional: adding details)

If you like the look of a marbled heart, use two different colours and mix them together. You do this by laying the colours of top of each other, then pulling them apart in one direction, laying them on top of each in the same direction and pulling them apart again.

You can use a single colour if you prefer.

Repeat this process until your colours are mixed so they look like a mottled new colour. We have a free video tutorial if you need more help with this colour/fibre mixing technique.

Skip this process if you are only using one colour.

Use the batch of wool (single colour or mixed) and keep it flat. Any parts that have come off lay on top of the flat shape. Then roll the wool in on itself, from one end only. Tuck in the sides if need be so you end up with a shape of about 8cm width. Tease the last loose fibres out until you cannot roll the shape up anymore.

Now hold the shape tight and with your needle stab the wispy ends straight into the shape so that it fastens it together. Then stab a little all over to fasten down wispy ends.

Next concentrate the stabbing of the needle on the sides of the sausage shape making the slopes of either side of the point of the heart. Make sure to alternate the stabbing to keep the shape symmetrical.

Finally make an indentation on the top of the heart. Then finish off by stabbing all over to firm up the shape and adjust it so it looks even.

If you wish to personalise the shape, take a wisp of contrasting wool and twist into a strand in your fingers and felt down into a letter.

Add more letters in the same way, just felt the wool down as you go. This way you can also make stripes or spots.

You can also mix more than two colours for a different effect.