Anemone Flower

Materials: (makes one flower)

- 1g NZ batts in any of these colours: 

 - 10x12cm Water Soluble Paper

You will also need:

Coarse felting needles #36

A felting mat

Sharp scissors

Bowl of lukewarm water

Clear drying glue

Trace the larger Flower Template onto your water soluble paper. Take a pinch of wool, and lay it down to cover one petal, letting the excess overlap over the drawn outline.

Create a neat line around the edge by tacking your fibres into using your coarse felting needle. Do this by stabbing in a line around the outline of the petal, so that some of the fibres go into the felting mat.

Make the next petal in the same way. Allow the fibres from each petal to carry on over the middle of the flower. Lift the flower off your mat regularly to stop it from getting stuck down.

Fill the whole flower shape and neaten the edges by stabbing your needle flat in between the petals. Use a multi needle tool – if you have one - to speed up the process.

Create a smaller flower from the smaller template in the same way. Then cut away the excess water soluble paper close to the wool.

Lay the smaller flower on top of the larger flower, so that you can see the larger flower behind. Cut some of the Ramie fibres and lay into the centre of the flower.

Roll a little black wool into a ball and felt down onto the centre of the flowers. This will fasten them together as well as create the centre of the flower.  

Dissolve the water soluble paper by dipping the flower into the warm water for a couple of seconds. Take out and squeeze to distribute the water so that all of the water soluble paper dissolves. You should feel the sticky residue which will act as a fabric stiffener once the flower is dry. Dry the flower so it is slightly cupped.

Once dry glue some of the beads into the centre and insert the no-sew brooch pin – make sure to swivel it round its non-coiled bend.

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