How to needle felt a Magical Mushroom

For your Magical Mushrooms you will need:

  1. Mushroom stem: Split your core wool in half and put one half to one side. Then flatten the remainder into a sheet of about 8x8cm. Fold the sheet in half (see dotted line).


  1. Begin rolling it up at a right angle to the fold (at the top) Felt down as you roll with your medium felting needle to make a solid sausage shape.


  1. Secure the last wisps and felt down well keeping one end wispy and the other rounded (that’s where the fold is). Stab your needle from the top down along the length of the stem to make it shorter and more solid. Round the base off a little more.


  1. Head: Take up to three quarters of the remaining wool and wind into an oval shape straight from a flattened sheet.
  1. Felt down well into a slightly flattened ball shape. Open the wispy fibres at the top of the stem up.


  1. Fit the head onto the open top of the stem and fold the fibres around the head. Felt down well.


  1. Shape the whole mushroom top so you now have a rounded head on top. Felt into the ‘gills’ as well. Then take another strand of the same wool and felt a ridge around the stem.
  1. Mix Angelina Fibre into the pastel green wool, take a small pinch, shape into a sheet, fold in half and place onto the head so that the fold makes a neat line near the edge of the mushroom head. Felt down and work your way around it.


  1. Add colours to the stem of the mushroom (green and brown) by using felt tip pens, pencils, wax crayons or even eye shadow. Feel free to add spots too!


  1. Add spots onto the top of the mushroom - use a contrasting colour. 



  1. Hang your mushroom by inserting a thread or ribbon using a needle and going all the way through the mushroom starting at the top. Come out at the base and go back the same way all the way through the top again.



  1. Your Magical Mushroom is finished! Let’ make more!!