Needle Felted Pumpkins


Super fun and easy to make, these are a seasonal Makerss favourite! We also stock Pumpkin Packs (from July to October only) that contain full instructions and 160g of wool, enough to make one large pumpkin, or up to 30 small ones!!!


You will need per pumpkin:

- 6g (golf ball sized) or 12-15g (tennis ball-sized) of pumpkin coloured wool batts, such as Red Orange NZ Merino, Orange Mountain Sheep, Muted Orange NZ, Golden Yellow NZ or Orange Madder natural dyed NZ Merino.
- 2 to 3 strands of green or brown curls
- A wisp of green wool batts
- Felting needles (medium & fine)


Take your ‘pumpkin’ wool and tightly roll it up into a ball, so you only end up with some wispy fibres at the end. Hold it closed and stab the wispy fibres in to the ball to secure it. Now stab all over to make a round shape, about the size of a golf ball.

Next take a wisp of green wool batts and roll into string-like strands between your fingers. Make 6 to 7. They need to be long enough to reach around half of the surface of the pumpkin (ball), so about 8cm long.

Start at the top (choose where the top is) and felt one end in with your coarse felting needle. Then stab along the strand into the pumpkin, thus creating a neat line.

Only stab the needle into the green wool. That way you create the look of a ridge/groove which will give the pumpkin a more realistic, ‘seamed’ appearance.

Add all the strands. They do not have to be spaced evenly, but can be if you prefer.

Then use your coarse needle, at the top and bottom where all the strands meet, to felt down even more, creating a small flat surface/indentation.

Next take a wisp of green wool and flatten it out, then fold this in half.

Roll this into a stalk shape by winding the folded edge into the top of the stalk whilst the other end stays fluffy. Felt the end down with your medium needle with shallow stabs.

Use the fluffy ends to create a flat base which can sit on top of the pumpkin. Felt the wispy ends into the pumpkin top and so fastening the stalk to it.

The top should look slightly sunk in with the stalk protruding from it.

Finally take a couple of strands of curly wool in green or brown. If the strands are too long, it is best to cut them short with scissors.

Fasten them with your medium felting needle into the top of the pumpkin next to the stalk to look like the tendrils.

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