Needle Felted Snowflake

To make Snowflakes, you will need:

- white Shetland wool batts
- Water Soluble Paper
- a pinch of Angelina Fibre
- Felting needle (#36 coarse)
- Felting mat
- Scissors & pencil

Trace a circle the size that you would like to make onto the water soluble paper - 15x15cm is a good size. Cut it out, fold in half and then fold again into three along the lines shown to create a “pizza slice” shape. On this folded triangle, trace a pattern as shown by the dotted lines - have fun and make your own designs!

Cut out your design as described above.

Take some white fibres and some angelina fibres. Mix these fibres together by teasing them apart between your thumb and fingers.

Take a pinch of this mixed fibre and twist it tightly so that it holds the twist a little.

Look at your snowflake and try to replicate a small part of the pattern by separating out parts of the twisted piece and twisting them separately.

Lay your water soluble paper on your felting mat and lay your twisted wool shape in the right place on the pattern. Begin stabbing into the wool with your coarse felting needle to attach the wool fibres to the paper , fastening them down so they are no longer so fluffy. Peel the paper away from the foam mat to prevent it attaching to the mat. Now work your way around the circle repeating the steps to fill in all the similar parts of the pattern. Then fill in the rest of the pattern in the same way. Hold the snowflake up to the light and make sure all parts of the pattern are joined together with a layer of felted wool. Once the pattern is filled in, you need to dissolve the paper.

Your snowflake is
fragile so follow these
instructions carefully:
  • Run the tap gently with lukewarm water. Wet the snowflake all over for 2 seconds.
  • Place on a towel and press the water out.
  • Gently remove from the towel - it may be a bit sticky; this is a residue the paper leaves which gives the snowflake strength when it dries.

Pull your snowflake back into shape and leave to dry flat.

When the snowflake is dry, you can trim any excess hairy fibres.

Your snowflake is finished! Hang up with a thin white or sparkly thread. Now have fun coming up with your own designs! Each snowflake is unique as yours will be too! You could use our glittery Slap It On Fabric Sparkles to add some extra sparkle!