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Angelina Fibre - heat bondable/fusible, sparkly, glittery - 7g

Angelina Fibre - heat bondable/fusible, sparkly, glittery - 7g

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Angelina Fibre

Sparkly, iridescent heat-bondable synthetic fibres (7g)

    Add a little magic to your makes with Angelina Fibre!  The loose fibres can be mixed with a little wool to help it felt into wet felted or needle felted items. Alternatively, as it is heat-bondable, it can be ironed into a film-like sheet which can be cut into shapes - perfect for dragonflies, fairy wings, flowers... whatever you can imagine - scroll down for more info and also our website for a FREE tutorial!

    The iridescence of this product really gives it its magic and you will find the colours shift with the light! We currently stock the following colourways:

    • Moonstone White - White fibres with pink/blue and peach/green iridescence (it varies with the light!)
    • Silver - Silver shiny fibres with hints of frosty blue
    • Gold Sparks - Shiny golden fibres with blue/purple iridescence
    • Emerald Green - Warm Green fibres with blue/green/purple iridescence
    • Seafoam Green - Aqua green fibres with peach/green/blue iridescence
    • Mermaid Blue - Sky blue fibres with pink/blue and peach/green iridescence (it varies with the light!)
    • Deep Sea Rainbow - Blue-grey fibres with peach/green/blue/purple iridescence
    • Fuchsia Pink - Bright hot-pink fibres with blue/green/purple iridescence
    • Purple Pink - Purplish-pink fibres with green/blue/purple iridescence

    NB: although every effort has been made to represent the colours shown as accurately as possible, we cannot guarantee an exact colour match as all images can vary when viewed on different screens and devices.

    To create a film-like sheet with Angelina Fibre:

    You will need: an iron and parchment/greaseproof paper (2 sheets) - TAKE CARE WHEN USING AN IRON!

    Polyester based Angelina will adhere only to itself and not to other fibres, tissue paper or fabrics.

    While you are heating up your iron (low heat setting), lay the fibres out onto a sheet of paper. A few fibres will create a thin and lacy film, more will make the finished sheet thicker and more dense. Experiment first and if in doubt use fewer fibres. 

    Then put the second sheet of paper over the laid out fibres and iron over the top for 20-30 seconds. When you take the paper off you will be able to lift the Angelina Film off straight away. Now you can cut this into shape if required or add more fibres for a denser finish and repeat the ironing process.

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