A4 Eco Wool Felting Mat

The Makerss

SKU: TL-EcoWoolMat-A4

Extra large A4 (about Size: 30cm x 20cm) EcoWool Felting Mat


Really good value and a good size for larger felting projects, this double-layer, eco-friendly felting mat works really well with our 7-Needle Multi Tool and making Landscape pictures. 

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Note: the EcoWool Mat is made in the UK from recycled wool and is fully home compostable at the end of its life. The two mats will fuse together after a few stabs.

Important when 2D Needle Felting: When felting flat on the mat, as with any other mats, you will have to lift off your work regularly to stop it from getting fastened on. You can use a ‘barrier’ to create a thin finish and/or stop any fibre contamination. Try using a grease proof baking sheet or our wool viscose felt sheets. These will help but you will still have to lift off your work regularly.