Mixed Beige Pipe Cleaners x 14 - (x7 Fluffy Beige, 7x Beige)

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SKU: MT-PipeCleaners-fluffyBeige&Luxurybeige

x 7 Luxury Fluffy Beige Pipe Cleaners

x 7 Luxury Beige Pipe Cleaners

- 30cm long - ideal for needle felt wire armatures and dormouse!

  • Luxury Fluffy Pipe Cleaners: These are so fluffy you can't see the wire, they are perfect for giving a realistic furry look on needle felt creatures.
  • Please note that repeated bending of the pipe cleaners can lead to the wire breaking, so if your item requires constant bending you may like to use the cotton covered copper wire.

How to make a wire armature:                                                           

A wire armature looks a bit like a very simple skeleton. It is useful to create a wire armature for creatures which have long legs, neck, or need a bit of extra strength to allow more extreme poses. Imagine the neck and spine of your creature (and tail if it has one), with simple legs attached. It can help to draw a profile view of the animal at the size you want to make it, then trace the line of the neck / spine / tail and legs onto the drawing. Make your wire armature to fit the lines you have drawn. You can fold a pipe cleaner in half and twist around your spine pipe cleaner to create 2 legs.

See our free tutorial on wire armature tips and techniques here