Felt Tool Pouch - Various shapes and colours

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SKU: TL-RedFeltPouch

A super handy tool bag that fits the essentials for needle felting and you can get yours already filled with six essential tools: a Mini Metal Retractable Tape Measure, our bestselling environmentally responsible and sustainably sourced 10x10cm Earth Friendly Felting Mat Set, a handy Magnetic Needle Container (here filled with 3x standard needles: 1x fine, 1x medium, 1x coarse), Tiny Scissors and our little Portable Mini Multifunction Tool as well as an exclusive Mini Metal Ruler on a key ring (great for quick small measuring (upto 5cm) which also can be used as a template to make legs for example).

All items bought separately add to the total of £50 - saving you £15.

The Dark Grey and Light Grey Pouches have a small compartment to keep items separate and close with a wooden button and elastic loop. The Green and Red Pouches have a sturdy elastic band to go round the Pouch.

Green and Red Pouches are square and measure 15x15x4cm

Dark Grey/Light Grey Pouches are rectangular and measure 16x12.5x3.5cm

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