Wool Tops / Roving

View all 18 micron 21 micron 21 microns 27 micron 34 micron advent advent box alpaca amethyst amethyst fairy angel angel hair animal animals armature Australian Australian Merino Australian merino tops Australin Merino autumn baby baby pink badger bamboo bamboo fibre banana yellow bargain basic basic core wool batts bee beginner beginner box beginner kit beginner pack beginner project beige bengal berries berry black black and grey blue blue shades blue tops bluey green book bright colour bright colours bright green bright pink bright rainbow british brown browny red brwn bumble bee bumper burgundy butterflies butterfly calandars calander calanders calendar calendars calender calenders carded carded merino cheap cheap core wool Christmas coarse coarse wool coffee core core wool cotswold craft crafts crafty beginner cream creamy brown creamy white crimson curly hair dark dark brown dark brown tops dark orange deep purple deep red deep red variegated dolls DUSKY BROWN dusty brown dyed dyed black dyed tops dyed tops / roving dyed wool Dyed wool batts dyedd easter easy easy beginner extra fine face fairies fairy fairy hair fairy wings Father Christmas feet felt felted felting Felting mat feltworksho fine fine fibre fine fibres fine merino fine tops fireworks flesh flesh tones flower flowers foal Forget me not fox orange French country sheep garden garnet gift gift wrapped ginger glitter glittery glossy glowing Gnomes goat golden retriever golden yellow grass green gray Green green colour palette green shades green tones green tops greenery greens grey hair haired hands heather hedgehog hoglet horse horses horses mane hot pink humans Humbug humbug roving jacobs jacobs humbug jet black kit lamb large animal wire armature lavender light light beige light brown light grey light pink light shades of brown light turquoise like silk lilac loaghtan local locks long fibre long fibred love love fairy lustre lustrous luxury luxury fibres making curls Making needle felted animals mane manes manx manx loaghtan materials mauve medium brown Medium brown tops medium orange merino merino tops mermaid mermaids mice mid brown mixed mixed wool mocha mohair multi multi colour multi tone multicolor multitone multitone tops muted colours muted orange muted rainbow natural natural colour natural colours natural core wool natural tops natural wool batts natural wool mix needle needle felt Needle Felt Kit needle felted bumble bee needle felting needlefelt needles nursery nymph orange orange tones orange tops orangemuted orange oranges pale brown Pale Brown Tops pale colours Pale pink parrot pastel pastel palette pastel rainbow people picture pink plant plum tones popular pure black pure white purple rainbow rainbow colour rainbow colours rainbow mix rainbow of hope rainbow tops Ramie red red brown red squirrel reddy brown reds roving ruby ryeland ryland sari sea seaside sheep shimmer shiny silk silklike silklikelike silk silky silver silver fox silvery Skin skin tones sliver slivers smooth soft south american south american tops space dyed sparkles sparkly sparkly stuff sparklysparkle special effects spikes spikey spiky spinning Spring spring green sprite squirrel starter starter box starter kit starter pack stripes stripey stripey roving stripy sun sun gold Sunflower Sunflower Fairy sunflowers sunny sunset sunshine surprise synthetic synthetic tops texel textel the Makerss tones tools top tops topstop turquoise tutorials un-dyed unicorn unicorn mane variegated variegated green vegan vibrant violet warm brown water colours water fairy weaving wensleydale wet white wildlife wine red wings wire armature wool wool mix wool tops wool tops south american xmas yellow yellow tones yellow tops