Wool Batts

View all 25 micron 27 micron 29 mic 29 micron 2d 34 micron 36 38 alpaca animal animals apple apples assorted autumn baby baby badger baby bunnies baby rabbits backs badger bargain basic bats batts bauble beads bee beginner beige bengal bird birds biscuit black black bird black cars black cat black cats black panther blue bright bright colour bright pink bright yellow british brooch brown brown black bumble bunnies butterflies butterfly camel Canary candy Cappuccino carded carded batts carrot cat charity poppies charity poppy cheap cheap core wool chicken chicks christmas Christmas pudding coarse coarse wool colour range coloured cookie core core wool corvid corvids cotswold craft crafternoon crafts cream curled up cute dachshund daffodils dark brown dark green dark purple Dark shades of brown darkest brown decoration deep red deep red variegated dog dormouse Dragon dyed Dyed wool batts earth easter Fairies Fairy felt felted felting felting wool feltworksho ferret Fine fine fibre fine fibres fire dragon fireworks flesh flower flowers fluffy forest Forest green fox foxsheep french country sheep fresh green frost garden German gift glue glue-in Gnomes gold golden retriever golden sand golden yellow gotland Grass green green flower meadow green meadow grey haired halloween Hare hawthorn hedgehog hoglet Holly honey hot pink jackdaw karakul kit Kitten noses labrador landscape picture landscape picture colours lanolin lavender lavender meadow Leaf Leaves lemon lemon yellow Lichen lichen gree light blue light blue green light pink light purple light shades of brown light yellow lime lime green luxury Mad march hare Makerss Own Mixed Batts makerssownmixedbatts making Making needle felted animals march madness materials meadow medium medium blue medium brown merino mermaid mice milksheep mint green Mix mixed bag mole MOMBatss mombatts mountain sheep mouse mr mole multi mustard yellow muted colours natural natural black natural colour natural colours natural dye natural green natursl colour needle needle felt needlefelt needles new new zealand new zealand merino night sky ochre off white orange orangemuted orange owl pack pastel pastel palette pea green Peas pebbles penguin pet picnic picture Pictures Piglets pin pine Pine trees pink plant dyed pom pom Poppies poppy popular portuguese merino pose-able pumpkin pure black pure white purple rabbit rabbits rainbow rare breeds rat ratty Raven red refreshing green reindeer river robin Robin brooch Christmas roving rust ryeland sample sandy sari sausage dog seasonal shade card shades shaggy sheep shetland short short fibres silk Skin sky sky blue sleeping snow snowman soft soft toy South german spring stonelamb stonesheep strong stuffing summer sun sunflowers supply swatches synthetic the Makerss undyed unicorn variegated variegated green various vole warm water wet white wildlife wind in the willows winter wire haired woodland woods wool wool batts wool tops wren yellow yellow sunset yoke yellow