Bunny Babies

You will need:
2g pastel coloured wool batts
Wisp of natural white or beige wool batts
• Tiny wisp of black (eyes) and pink (nose)
• Tiny wisp of natural white or brown wool batts (hair)
Felt sheet 4x4cm matching the main pastel coloured wool batts
40cm light horsetail hair (whiskers)

Medium Felting needle #38
Small felting mat
Sharp little scissors
• Sewing Needle
Clear Drying Glue


    Take your pastel coloured wool batt and shape into a strand. Then wind in from one end towards the other whilst tucking the sides in as you go. You should end up with a width of 3cm.  


    Once you get to the other end, tease the last few fibres so you wind these around the shape to form a smooth closure.  

    Felt down and then felt all around to create an egg shape.   


    Then take a wisp of the white wool (or beige) and felt at one end of the egg so make a round face.  



    Neaten up the edges of the face with shallow stabs directly into the edge.

    Use a tiny wisp of black and felt down for one eye. Make sure the eye sits on an imaginary middle line of the face.   

    Felt the other eye down the same way. Then take a tiny wisp of pink to felt a little nose. 


    Cut two ears out using sharp little scissors.   


    Felt one ear on by stabbing into the straight end of the shape. The fibres from the felt will get felted into the main shape.  


    Lay the ear onto your felting mat and felt along the middle. This will shape the ear to become slightly curved forward.  


    Then stab your needle into the back of the ear on both sides where it attaches to the shape. Attach the second ear the same way.


    Add wisps of the hair coloured batts to the top of the face like a little fringe.


    Not pictured: Take the horsetail hair and thread onto a needle. Insert the needle to the side of the nose going to the other side. Allow the end of the horsetail hair to stick out by about 2-3cm. Then go back into the same side of the nose but this time allow a loop to remain of also 2-3cm. Repeat this process until you have 2-3 loops sticking out at each side of the nose (pictured)


    Cut the loops open with your scissors.


    Use a clear drying glue and add a dab onto each side of the nose where the whiskers are attached. Leave to dry. Once dry cut the whiskers a little shorter if need.


    Make lots of the little bunny babies in different colours. They look lovely as an Easter Tree decoration or make heartfelt gifts.