Needle Felt Carrot

Make a juicy carrot for your donkey or bunny! You need very little wool if you make a tiny one but the instructions lend themselves to scale your carrot up as well - great for props and fancy dress costumes! 

Per Carrot, you will need:

- Two shades of orange batts such as:
Muted Orange, Red OrangeOrange Madder natural dyed or Fox Orange Variegated New Zealand Merino or Bright Orange Mountain Sheep batts

Green dyed Leicester Curls for the carrot top
Felting Needles (#36 coarse & #38 medium)
Felting Mat


Take your orange wool batt, that will be the main colour of the carrot, and keep it flat. Then fold the top down by one third.
Next fold the part you have folded down one more time so that the top of the flat shape is quite bulky now.
Next roll the shape up at a right angle. Make sure it is a tight roll. The shape will be fat at the top and wispier at the bottom.
Before you let go of the shape stab the wispy ends of the roll into the shape with your medium felting needle. Once the shape holds stab all over to firm up concentrating the needle so that the shape is pointy at the bottom and round a fat at the top.
Next take wisps of the other coloured orange and twist into a thin strand between your fingers. Lay them in short strands onto the carrot running around the sides.
Felt down. They are meant to make a slight indentation as you expect a real carrot to have.
Last but not least take a small amount of the green curls and fasten onto the top so that strands are sticking up.
Finally feed to your needle felted baby bunny!