Needle Felted Ghosts



Per ghost, you will need:


Arms: Take a wisp of the cream Basic Core wool and start wrapping it around one end of the 15cm pipe cleaner length by letting the wispy ends grip the pipe cleaner cover. It is essential that you keep the wool flat like a ribbon and that you wrap the wool tightly.
Once you have covered about 1cm with a thin layer bend the end of the pipe cleaner in on itself making sure that the bent end is covered in wool.

Tip: It is good to master this technique especially as you will be doing it for each end of the pipe cleaner.
Continue wrapping the pipe cleaner towards the centre leaving about 1cm before wrapping the other end in the same way.
Take the other 15cm of pipe cleaner length and lay it across the gap of the arms about one third down. Then twist the covered arm pipe cleaner once around the bare pipe cleaner so that the left arm is now on the right and vice versa trapping the vertical pipe cleaner.
Now wrap the other two ends as before and start wrapping more layers all around to build up bulk. Start felting the wispy ends down with your coarse felting needle.
Next use the other white (bleached) wool and cover the whole shape still adding bulk. You may no longer wrap the wool but lay small batches down and felt into with your medium felting needle. Mind the wire!
Your ghost shape looks now a little like this with rounded arms and a rounded head and ‘tail’ end.
Then take a wisp of black wool and felt down with your medium needle into an eye. You can add eyebrows and a mouth by twisting a wisp of black into a line and felting in place.
Have fun with spooky or funny expressions for your ghost - make more and hang them up using your needle and fine thread.



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