How to make a Felt Parrot


Felt Sheets (we have used the following): Dark Turquoise (12x12cm), Bright Green (6x6cm), Bright Yellow (8x8cm), Black (2x2cm) and Bright White (2x2cm).

Tools: Glue, Scissors, Pen/Pencil and Brooch Backs.

Optional Embellishing: Sewing Needle and Embroidery Thread, Beads, Sequins, Glue-on Gems (we have used embroidery thread in blue, green and yellow).



Trace and draw out the above templates onto each relevant felt sheet. Cut out with your scissors.

Place your Bright Yellow felt sheet on top of your Dark Turquoise felt sheet in the position shown above.

Then place your Bright Green felt sheet above the yellow at the base of the upper wing.

Now you want to get your small Bright White piece of felt and put this onto the face/eye area of the Parrot as show above.

Place the Black cut out where the beak would be. Then add the final small piece of green felt onto the parrots forehead. Finally glue each piece of felt down once you're happy with the layout and trim off any excess felt to neaten it up.

You can also embroider onto your parrot to add detail!

You could even sew your parrot onto 
a bag or a perhaps a piece of clothing?