How to needle felt a Spooky Eyeball

For your Spooky Eyeball you will need:

1. Draw a neat circle onto your 5cm wool ball of about 3 - 3.5cm diameter. It is useful to use a tape reel or similar. 
2. Get your wools in order.
3. Mix the dark green with the light green wool into a streaky mix.
4. Begin felting wisps of the new mix onto the inside of the drawn circle. If you can stab your needle from the edge towards the centre and vice versa. 
5. Fill the whole circular shape in that way. Then make thin strands of the darker wool by twisting tiny wisps between your fingers. Add these onto the green circle like spokes. and felt down
6. Do this all around. Then take the turquoise wool and mix with the darker green wool. Felt a neat edge around the green iris. 
7. Next add a black pupil into the centre. 
8. The edge of the black wool does not need to be neat but it can have wisps spilling into the iris. 
9. Take a tiny wisp of the white wool and add into the edge of the black and slightly overlapping into the green forming a reflection point. 
10. Felt down into a neat little spot.
11. Finally take tiny wisps of the red wool and begin felting thin lines for blood vessels onto the white of the eyeball, running towards the eye.
12. Make sure you have branches coming off and keep them really wispy, even sometimes broken. 
13. Your eye ball is finished. If you wish, use a needle and the extra strong thread and hang up.