Making a sheet from Angelina Fibre

Here are brief instructions of how to make the Angelina Fibres into a film/sheet:

You need: an iron and plain white paper or baking paper (2 sheets)

While you are heating up your iron (low heat setting), lay the fibres out onto a sheet of paper. A few fibres will create a thin and lacy film, more will make the finished sheet thicker and  more dense. Experiment first and if in doubt use fewer fibres. 

Then put the second sheet of paper over the laid out fibres and iron over the top using a low setting for 20-30 seconds. When you take the paper off you will be able to lift the Angelina Film off straight away. Now you can cut this into shape if required or add more fibres for a denser finish and repeat the ironing process. 

Here is a useful video to show you how to make wings using the above technique.