Mini Easter Egg


You will need:



    Take your white wool batts and tease them into a long strand of about 10cm in length. Then make a knot in the centre.


    Pull the knot tight, being careful not to tear the wool apart.

    Now place a second knot on top of the first.


    Then fold one end of the wool over the knot, and while holding it taut, felt it down firmly.


    Then repeat on the other end with the loose wool.

    Next shape the egg as you felt it down so it is slightly pointy at one end. Felt down solidly.

    Now take a tiny wisp of a bright coloured wool top or batt and felt onto the egg for a colourful dot.

    Tip: Use your needle to gather the stray strands by swirling them around, then stab them into the dot shape.


    Repeat with different colours all around the egg.


    Make a couple of eggs
    to fit in a tiny egg basket
    to go with your
    Bunny Fairy!