Needle Felted Tiny Baby

These tiny babies are only about 1.5-2cm (less than an inch) long and look delightful in the arms of a fairy or other felted character. They are so easy to make and will take you no time but make a great accessory. It is also possible to scale them up in size of course!

To make a Tiny Baby, you will need:

- a pinch of your main colour ideally a wool batt such as our New Zealand batts, - small amount of skin toned batts or tops of your choice
- tiny wisp of dark brown or black wool
- Felting needles (#38 medium and #40)
- Felting mat

Roll most of the main wool batt into a tight short sausage shape. Leave some wisps for later. If you squeeze the wool tightly into the short sausage shape it will give you an idea how big the baby will be once felted.
Use your medium felting needle and felt the wispy ends of the rolled up wool into itself. Make sure you have this placed on your felting mat. With a few stabs you should be able to secure the shape and stop it from popping open again.
Then felt the shape all over to make it nice and firm. The size should now be the size of a broad bean or butter bean.
Next use your flesh pink wool top (or batt) and wrap this around one third of the top of the bean shape.
Felt this down so it covers the whole of the top of the shape. You will still be able to use your medium needle.
Use the remainder of the main wool and cover the head just leaving the face exposed. Choose the smoothest and neatest part of the pink covering to be the face.
Felt the cover down with your medium felting needle so it becomes one with the rest of the main coloured wool covering.
Have your wisp of dark brown or black at the ready...
Twist the wool in your fingers into a strand.
Felt the strand between the top of the face and the head covering. This will give the baby some hair. You can try different kind of coloured hair but I have found that darker shades look more affective.

Finally shape the baby so it resembles more the shape of a bean by making it more rounded at the back and pulled in at the front... 

...ready to be placed into the arms of your favourite fairy mummy!

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