Pom-Pom Plant

Materials: (makes one plant)

- 1g of any colour wool batts (inside ball for each pom-pom about 3.5cm)

- Wisp of any colour wool (cover layer for each pom-pom)

- 2g of green wool batts or tops (for three/four leaves)

- Pinch of brown wool batts or tops (for soil)

- 10x10cm piece of water soluble paper (for 3-4 leaves)

- Felting needle (#38 medium) & felting mat

- Reverse felting needle (#32 coarse & #40 fine)

- 2x #26 gauge paper covered wire

- Small terracotta Plant Pot (about 6cm tall)

- Old felting mat or core wool to fill the plant pot

- Wire cutters, a glue pen and a bowl of warm water, awl (optional), green felt tip pen (marker)

  Take your inner wool and lay it out flat. Then fold the left and right sides in and begin to roll from the bottom up, fairly tightly into a ball shape about 2.5cm.
Felt down firmly. Turning as you felt to keep a ball shape. You can even roll it in your hands to help make the shape! Tip: Make each ball a different size!
Now use the cover wool to wrap around the ball and felt down firmly. Make sure you cover all of the outside so none of the first colour is showing.
To create the pom-pom effect stab the reverse needle into your ball. You will be pulling OUT the inside wool. #32 (right) brings out more wool than (left) #40. Use both for a fluffy look!
Draw random leaf shapes on your water soluble paper. Cover each leaf by laying the wool over the leaf design and stabbing into the line, then folding it back over and stab for a nice finish.
Felt on BOTH sides of the paper, it should be about 0.5cm thick now. Then trim the edges of the paper and dissolve paper in warm water. Lay flat to allow to dry before the next step.
Use your felting needle or awl to create a hole in the leaf/ball. Insert into the pompom and another into the leaf, dab a bit of glue to keep it in place. You can use a marker to make the wire green!
Fill your plant pot with old foam, eco mats, core wool... Then cover with brown wool to create a soil look, stab down to attach. Insert your wires with leaves and pom-poms into the filling. Secure with glue. Enjoy!


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