2D Rainbow of Hope Picture


You will need:

- 1g EACH of dyed New Zealand Merino batts in:
purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red.
- 2g of white Cape Merino batts.
- 10 x 15cm piece of Wool/Viscose Light Blue felt sheet.
Felting needle (#38 medium)
- Felting Mat.
- Scissors (optional).

Our 8-Colour Rainbow Mix is perfect for this project!

Optional Extras:

- No Sew Brooch Back
- 7-Needle Multi Tool & Brush Mat.

Start by using a thin strand of the purple wool and teasing it out so it will be about 8-9cm long. You will use much less than the 1g of wool! Lay it onto the felt sheet in a curved line.

Start felting it down with your felting needle at each end of the strand first. Then work your way along the curved shape and felt down. Lift your felt sheet off the mat regularly.

Next use a small amount of the blue wool and make a similar size strand of wool, lay above the purple, felt down at the ends and then all along the strand.

Repeat this with the next colours: green, then yellow, orange and finally red. As you go further up the rainbow the strands will become slightly longer The ends are all felted on top of each other.

Remember to lift the sheet off your mat regularly to stop it from getting fastened onto the felting mat. Finish the rainbow by stabbing each stripe again a little more to have a smooth finish.

Here you could use a 7-Needle Multi Tool or the Prym Multi Needle Handle to speed up this process. Next take a pinch of the white wool and start by fastening it onto one end of the rainbow.

Do this by stabbing into the edge of the white cloud first rather than felting it flat. Repeat with a second at the other end. This way you are hiding the messy ends.

If you wish, you can shape the top of the picture by cutting the corners round.

You could also have the whole of the area below the rainbow as shapes of clouds if you like.

You could make a Rainbow of Hope brooch by felting a mini version and then cutting around the rainbow so that the felt is not visible any more.

This is how it looks from behind. Use one of our No-Sew Brooch Backs to turn the rainbow into a brooch if you like.

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