Simple Tops Butterfly

Per Butterfly, you will need:

- 1g of Space Dyed Merino Tops
- An extra fluffy pipe cleaner
- Pair of sharp little scissors

Optional Extras:
- needle and thread to hang


Cut a length of 8-10cm off the pipe cleaner. Trim both pipe cleaner ends with sharp little scissors so that the fluff makes a ball shape at the end with 1-2cm of trimmed length before it becomes fluffy again.

Tear off a strand of wool roving of about 20cm and the width of two fingers.

Now fold the wispy ends of the wool top into the centre of the strand so that they slightly overlap and hold them down with your thumb and index finger.

Then bend the 8cm pipe cleaner in half, and wrap it around the centre of the folded wool strand, making sure that you leave about 2cm of each end at the top.

Twist the two ends around each other neatly a couple of times and they will become the antennae.

Using your fingers, pull the wings apart in the centre to make two wings on each side of the pipe cleaner body.

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